Menu Design Ideas for Seattle Restaurants & Diners

digital-print-3-16Your menu should be visually appealing rather than just contain the name of each dish followed by its price. A stylish menu could very well be the difference maker that influences a customer’s decision to dine or look elsewhere. Here’s a few menu design ideas to make your menus stand out.

Each Menu Item Should Clearly Described

Don’t assume customers know what each item in the menu entails. Ant Climbing a Tree, for example, is a popular Chinese noodle dish. A customer new to Chinese cuisine, though, will have no idea what Ant Climbing a Tree is. This is why each item should be accompanied by a brief description like the one below:

Ant Climbing a Tree

Homemade bean thread noodles flavored with sautéed ground pork and our house-special chili sauce made from organic, locally-acquired jalapeno peppers.

Even if it’s clear what the item is, you should still provide a brief description. This gives the customer a better idea of what it includes, such as in this example:

Bacon Ranch Hamburger

A ¼ pound whole beef patty, two strips of extra crisp bacon, and homemade ranch sauce all wedged between a freshly made sesame ciabatta bun. Continue Reading →

What to Include in a Grand Opening Flyer

Digital PrintingStores and shops opening on their first day are naturally going to have an influx of curious customers. To really drive business, you have to heavily promote your business both online and offline. For the latter, handing out flyers is one of the time-honored ways of getting this done. The content on a grand opening flyer should compel people to want to visit your business. Continue Reading →

Tips for Designing Your Business Card

digital print servicesAs a business owner, you should always have a business card in hand ready to give to a potential client. Like flyers and brochures, business cards should be eye-catching and stand out in some way. After all, the recipient’s wallet or purse may be full of business cards from other contacts. To ensure yours doesn’t blend in with the rest, add a bit of “oomph” to your card. A few business card design tips will ensure your card looks cool and hip yet professional.

Business Card Design Tips Continue Reading →

4 Tips for Designing Business Banners & Signage

Branding-resize-1030x360Every small business owner knows the importance of visual branding to establish a customer base. Your signs, logos, and banners determine how customers initially form an impression of your business, and small differences in seemingly mundane choices can greatly influence how the character of your business is perceived. Let’s look at four simple choices that can help make sure your customers see your business graphics the same way you do.

#1: Font Choicetypography-serif-vs-sans-serif1-560x240

The shape of the letters on your sign can significantly change a customer’s initial impression, as small a decision as that seems. Font choice for a restaurant, for example, can help indicate what kind of dining experience a customer might have inside. Contemporary, masculine fonts might indicate a more upscale array of menu choices, where an elegant font with a flowing, feminine tilt might indicate a more private, personal table experience. Friendly, bold fonts might indicate a casual and affordable dining experience. It’s all about using the power of suggestive design to steer the customer’s perception. With font choice, you’re doing that as they simply read the name of your business.

#2: Logo or No Logo?logo-design-for-yourbusiness-yes-no

For some businesses, a logo makes sense, for others, a more straightforward approach might work better. If you’re planning on expanding your business or providing a service that needs to stand out among competition, a logo is an excellent choice. It will help you solidify your image and further color a customer’s first impression of the business. Plus, it’ll make you more memorable: having a symbol associated with your business in the customer’s mind will make you easy to remember and more likely for you to be remembered as reputable. You can achieve the same effect by having a really memorable sign on your physical store, however, and by having a signature ‘look’ on your distributed documents, like business cards, or flyers and menus. It depends on whether you prefer an assertive or an understated look.

#3: Patterns or Pictures?A_tourist_guy_capturing_the_race_moments_DSW

If you own a used car lot, would you want a picture of a car on your sign or a pattern of colors and shapes that suggest the speed and adventure people associate with cars? To put it another way, do you want to directly engage with your customer about the nature of your business or do you want to suggest it to them and have them understand it on their own? Using a picture is a great way to be eye-catching and stand out in the customer’s mind. But using clever visual design to give an impression lets the customer feel like they’re coming up with the idea on their own.

#4: Color ChoicesPaintColors

Color choice is possibly the most important choice in making signage to establish your business identity. More than anything, and supplemental to everything, color conveys a huge amount of information to the customers. More than the use of individual colors, like red for excitement and blue for sophistication, the combination of colors used in a banner or sign come together to achieve a greater effect. A good balance of colors will be pleasing to the customer’s eye, making them more receptive. Clashing colors give the impression of low quality before they even read your sign. It’s a delicate balance, and something it’s often useful to seek help with.

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