Menu Design Ideas for Seattle Restaurants & Diners

digital-print-3-16Your menu should be visually appealing rather than just contain the name of each dish followed by its price. A stylish menu could very well be the difference maker that influences a customer’s decision to dine or look elsewhere. Here’s a few menu design ideas to make your menus stand out.

Each Menu Item Should Clearly Described

Don’t assume customers know what each item in the menu entails. Ant Climbing a Tree, for example, is a popular Chinese noodle dish. A customer new to Chinese cuisine, though, will have no idea what Ant Climbing a Tree is. This is why each item should be accompanied by a brief description like the one below:

Ant Climbing a Tree

Homemade bean thread noodles flavored with sautéed ground pork and our house-special chili sauce made from organic, locally-acquired jalapeno peppers.

Even if it’s clear what the item is, you should still provide a brief description. This gives the customer a better idea of what it includes, such as in this example:

Bacon Ranch Hamburger

A ¼ pound whole beef patty, two strips of extra crisp bacon, and homemade ranch sauce all wedged between a freshly made sesame ciabatta bun.

Include Images on Your Menu

Not every item needs to include an image; let the customer use their imagination based on the description. However, one out of every three or four items should have a pic. The backdrop can also include an image that fits with the theme of the restaurant. A steakhouse, for instance, can include pics of a cattle ranch. Likewise, a seafood restaurant can use pics of a seashore, or a close-up of seashells and starfishes.

Seattle Menu Design & Printing

Contact Digital Printing Services to have us print your menus and brochures. We also print signs and vehicle wraps if you want to further brand your establishment. In any case, be sure your menu designs are appealing enough to convince customers to sit down for a meal at your restaurant.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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